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The Giving Tree Day Spa

A look inside…
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Located at Governor’s Green Resort, in Williamsburg Virginia, The Giving Tree Day Spa offers the prefect venue for those seeking to relax, rejuvenate and unwind.

Your therapist will run through a brief questionnaire to ensure we’re aware of any medical or health issues and concerns, this is the prefect time to discuss if you need or would like special attention paid to any particular area, say your neck, back or legs.

Communication is always the key to getting the most benefit from your massage and it works both ways, so know that we’re ready and eager to listen to ensure you get the best massage possible.

Hopefully this very personal approach to addressing your massage needs is just one of the many things that’ll make you want to come back often and bring your friends with you!

Signature European Massage:

Our Signature European Massage is probably the most popular service requested.

Also often called Swedish this style of massage uses long, gentle, relaxing strokes and paying special attention to areas presenting signs of muscle stress and tightness, you’ll be feeling fabulous in no time.

Keep reading to learn more about (very affordable) Add-On options you can choose to maximize the benefits of whichever service you choose.

Deep Tissue Massage:

This is a service that men especially seem to appreciate although “Deep Tissue” should always be tempered according to your specific body pressure sensibilities and threshholds.

With Deep Tissue Massage the pressure applied goes a little deeper than with a European Massage (your therapist will be checking with you throughout the massage though to know exactly and specifically when – deep is deep enough for you – (we definitely don’t want to be hurting you) to revive and relax your aching muscles.

As always you can intensify the benefits of a Deep Tissue massage with our Hot Stones Add-On for just $10 more – check out how hot stones amplify the efficacy of any massage below.

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology Massage can be especially helpful for those who are interested in having a massage that will help improve circulation, reduce stress and restore a more natural balance and improved, overall well-being.

Another way that many (especially those with arthritis in their hands and feet) choose to enjoy the pain relieving benefits of Reflexology, is to have their regular massage treatment (European/Swedish or Deep Tissue) followed by a Luxury Hand & Foot Reflexology as an add-on for just $25 more (session lasts 90 mins).

Ask about Reflexology Add-On’s when making your reservation.

Couples Massage

Our options for Couples Massage are designed to offer an opportunity for couples to enjoy the relaxing benefits of massage in their choice of adjoining or separate therapy rooms.

Each person receives their own Signature Massage based on their needs and preferences. So while you may enjoy a European Massage with a 30 min Facial and Aromatherapy, your partner may prefer a Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones and an exfoliating Foot Treatment.

Either way, your couples massage service can be a fabulous way to reinforce or rekindle the emotional and spiritual bonds between you.

You can also request a Couples Massage (or most of our Signature massage services) in the privacy of your Wyndham Williamsburg, resort room for an additional charge, subject to therapist availability. Ask about your options when you call or book online.

Add-On Options:

Why do we offer so many Add-On options? So that you can “customize” the treatments you select according to your specific goals and objectives. Maybe you want to relive your aching feet after spending all day shopping or running around doing the things we do on vacation. Maybe you’re a local and have long days standing on your feet (that’s me) or just plain old working hard (that’s me too).

Whatever your motivation to improve on the already amazing benefits of massage, you can definitely amplify the benefits when you add Hot Stones, a Hand & Foot Reflexology treatment or Aromatherapy.

Best of all, our Add-On’s are low cost – go ahead, make your day and spoil yourself or someone else (buy Gift Certificates online right here) with a “little-bit-of-added-luxury”. I like to think this as the (non-fattening) icing on the massage-cake 🙂

Hot Stones:

Beside’s the fact that Hot Stones just feel fabulous as they release their warmth into your tight, aching muscles, even in hot weather, there is actually a more scientific reason to add them to your massage service.

The warmth imparted from the hot stones actually “softens up” the fascia, which is the underlying tissue between your skin and muscle. The fascia often gets tight and by warming it first using the stones you actually increase not only the efficiency but also the efficacy of a massage.

So ask about our Hot Stones Add-On for just $10 more when you book, because you will feel the benefit of both even more intensely when you add hot stones to any European/Swedish or Deep Tissue massage.

Rejuvenating Foot Treatments:

It’s amazing how a simple foot treatment complete with steaming hot towel wrap can not only rejuvenate your feet but totally lift your spirits too. Choose from a selection of luxury organic foot masques that will moisturize, exfoliate or rejuvenate.

Our clients tell us (and we know they’re right, because we’re on our feet a lot and use these foot masques ourselves 🙂 ) this is the perfect way to take away the stress and strain we put on our feet from shopping, running around theme parks or even after a day walking around Colonial Williamsburg!

Take a load off and if a foot treatment isn’t included in the service you’re interested in, ask about adding on a Luxury Foot Treatment, typically available for just $15 as an add-on.


Aromatherapy is the art and use of oils and in some cases, essential oils (there is a difference) from plants and herbs. I’ve found a lot of people understandably because of the word “aroma”, think they need to be inhaled but that’s not strictly the case.

The very same benefits can be enjoyed from infused essential oils as they’re massaged into the skin. Many clients find that aromatherapy helps elevate their mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well-being.

We offer several aromatherapy oil options as Add-On’s to your massage service for just $7 more.

If you’re really in mind for a treat select from one of our exclusive Giving Tree Spa – Signature Aromatherapy Blends for just $9 more.

30 Minute Facial

We understand that if you’re on vacation you may not want a full-blown facial, but we know that many of you do enjoy a refreshing skincare treatment to address tired eyes or just generally tone and moisturize your skin.

Our 30 minute facial is the perfect Add-On at $60 (extra 30 mins before or after massage) to cleanse, exfoliate and re-moisturize skin paying special attention to rejuvenate the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Add-On a 30 minute facial for just $60 more – ask us when you call or check the Special Deals and Coupons section when you book online. Not to forget your skin will look selfie-spectacular!

How To Make A Reservation

Be sure to check out our Monthly Special Coupon then simply call to book your appointment.
Click the button below to send a Reservation Request now, one of our team will be in touch within 12 normal business hours (8AM to 8PM EST) to confirm your appointment.

If that feels a little too hi-tech for your taste…

Don’t worry, we also schedule appointments the old fashioned way by phone at



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